Create a Working Day You Want to Get Up For!

I'm on a mission to make a massive contribution to help you create a working day that you want to get up for.

Here's why...

I believe that we all deserve to get to that sweet spot more often and feel positive about spending hours every day in our work whether you're self-employed or employed.

After years of being self employed and struggling with my sabotaging demons, a very winding road has led me to you.

If you too are self employed or own a small business and you need a nudge in the ribs, a rub of your shoulders, a soothing brain break or an encouraging whisper in your ear check out THE FLO CLUB The Flo Coach wellbeing and positive mindset membership club tailor made for you. (Hint - You can try it for free).


No need to feel left out if you're employed as I've written and designed your very own Flo Coach coaching and training programme GO TO YOUR EDGES. If you want to get unstuck and feel more in control of your work and life, need a supportive mentor to step beyond your comfort zones and have had enough of playing small, then Go To Your Edges is for you.

This is your call to action, even if you're a bit of a commitment phobe! No Pressure but if you want more info, click on the buttons, your future self will thank you for taking action.

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Want to discover and explore why you're feeling unhappy at work? Check out my 20 page pdf:

Stop Accepting Work is Sh!t and Take Action - 8 Ways backed by science to take you from Monday misery to Mojo mindset.

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Research has suggested that happy people are:

  • 3 times more creative
  • 31% more productive
  • less likely to be absent from work
  • less likely to leave their job
  • have 37% higher sales

Are you ready to create a working day you want to get up for?

You know what to do!

Take your next right step towards getting into flow and thriving, click join the Flo Club, check out Go To Your Edges coaching programme, download my pdf, subscribe to receive helpful mental wellbeing and mindset content and apply for a complimentary consultation with me, Claire Paul aka The Flo Coach.

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