Find Flow in Your Business Every Day

Based in Positive Psychology, THE FLO CLUB gives you tools to stop paddling upstream in your business and to flow more easily towards what you really love and your authentic self.

Are you self-employed and sometimes feel that overwhelm and mindset saboteurs are restricting your flow in your business?

You might also feel like this sometimes:

Struggling to structure your day

Lack of clarity & goals in your business

Difficulty taking positive action

A lack of balance in your life

Stuck in limiting beliefs & self-sabotage

It's like having an inbox that never empties. You've either got too little happening in your business for too long or too much happening too fast. Either way, you're living with your body's stress response and it's messing with your mojo and business flow.

Enter The Flo Club

The Flo Club is your dedicated wellbeing and mindset gym for self-employed people.

Members get unlimited access to all tools and trainings.

The effects of ongoing stress and overwhelm on your body and mind will set you up for future meltdowns and physical ailments.

Calm your nervous systems stress response by activating your relaxation response with The Flo Club.


Take a work break and calm your nervous system with breath audio trainings. Feel your relaxation response enabling more creative flow in your work.


Learn about and practice getting into flow, set up your own flow ritual and reap the benefits of deep work and an increase in feelings of happiness.


Explore the worksheets and trainings to increase self-awareness, create meaningful goals, coach yourself and manage those mindset challenges.


Intertwine yoga through your working day, to refresh your mind and stretch your body. Video's are short sessions to easily fit into your schedule.


Give your mind and body short rests. Meditate and relax with these audios to recharge during your working day, plus more easily transition from work to rest/play.

More Benefits of Membership

The Flo Club Programmes

Commit to your wellbeing by scheduling one of The Flo Club Programmes into your working day. Get motivated and dive into forming new, positive habits.

Mindset Coaching

When you join The Flo Club, you'll enjoy The Flo Coach one to one Self-Employed Mindset Coaching at a discounted rate.

Request Trainings

Request wellbeing trainings and tools that will personally help you. What do want? What do you need? The Flo Coach will listen to your requests and endeavor to do the research to add into The Flo Club.

Here's a sample of one of The Flo Club meditations.

When you work from home it can be difficult to transition from work mode to rest, play or family mode. This After Work Transition Meditation can help you switch off and relax.


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Are you ready to create a working day you want to get up for?

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