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For all you Creatives out there who want to thrive in your work and life. You want to know what really makes you happy in your work and how to get more of it.

Go To Your Edges will help you:

  • Be more able to push past creative blocks.
  • Find and embrace your purpose.
  • Add more meaning to your work.
  • Feel able to unmask and connect to your authentic self.
  • Connect more to your daily work.
  • Learn to deal with stressors in a positive way.
  • Tame your negative brain chatter.
  • Connect more to colleagues and customers.
  • Feel more in control of your life.
  • Be more inspired and motivated.
  • Feel able to bring your whole self to work.
  • Reign in sabotaging beliefs or thoughts.
  • Discover your signature strengths and how to use them more in your work.
  • Unleash your creative power.

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Go To Your Edges is about transformation and self enquiry, it includes:

  • A Happiness Survey measuring aspects of happiness at work before and after the programme to evidence the commitment to yourself.
  • 8 meaty modules for you to get stuck into over 8 weeks.
  • Daily and weekly happiness practices sheet which include easy to implement ideas to cultivate a  mindset of happiness, purpose and connection.
  • 1 to 1 coaching at different levels of support. Choose from:
  • SWIM - 2 coaching calls
  • SNORKEL - 4 coaching calls
  • SCUBA - 6 coaching calls
  • Follow up call one month after the programme has ended.