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Can you have a successful marketing strategy when you’re a self-employed introvert?

Yes, of course you can. Although business seems to be set up for extroverts. Typically or in the past maybe, the loudest voice and the most entertaining people were highly regarded and came out on top. Marketing seems to have always been an extroverts game. With the introduction of social media marketing around 20 years ago (yes it’s only been that long!) it emphasised even more, the cavernous void between introverts and extroverts. Now, it’s all about reels, videos, webinars, showing up live and doing all that consistently, quality and quantity, more is more. Totally exhausting for a self-employed introvert.


As a self-employed introvert myself, I thrive in quieter, more reflective spaces and often find myself at odds with the demands of social media marketing. Marketing seems to be tailor-made for extroverts, with its emphasis on constant visibility. For introverts, trying to keep up with the loud and flashy marketing tactics of our extroverted counterparts can feel counterintuitive and an uphill battle.


Comfort zone vs an introvert thing

I’ve had to push myself to do things in my marketing that I’m not comfortable doing, asking myself along the way ‘is this an introvert thing or a comfort zone thing?’ We all have comfort zones that try to keep us safe, regardless of our introvert or extrovert status. It is necessary to stretch these comfort zones to thrive when you’re self-employed, otherwise you risk getting stuck doing the same things in the same way and going nowhere. Sign up to read my guide on breaking free from your comfort zones here.

When it is an introvert thing and I make the effort to mask up like an extrovert, then the overwhelm can kick in. If I continue to show up as an extrovert, burnout is not far away. Showing up, being seen and being heard for too long, will actually set me back. I then need to rest and find quiet time to recover. It becomes difficult to match the marketing activities of my extrovert counterparts. There is also a danger of judging myself, giving myself a hard time and trying to push through, when in fact, I need to cut myself some slack, be gentle, make space and find my own momentum.

the best gift is youIt’s not all doom and gloom though. As self-employed introverts, we have our own unique strengths and superpowers that can propel us to success in the world of self-employment. Let’s explore some marketing strategies for navigating this journey with confidence and authenticity.



Content marketing

As introverts, we excel at deep thinking and producing thoughtful content that resonates with our audience. Whether it’s through blog posts, articles, podcasts, or videos, creating valuable content allows us to showcase our expertise and connect with our audience on a deeper level. Plus, it’s a great way to demonstrate our unique perspective and insights in a way that feels natural to us. This doesn’t mean that we’re hiding, we’re simply playing to our strengths.


Yes, I know the idea of networking events might send shivers down your introverted spine (believe me, I’ve been there!). But here’s the thing: networking doesn’t have to mean awkward small talk and forced interactions. Instead, focus on building genuine connections with like-minded individuals in smaller, more intimate settings. I only go to smaller events where I can get to know people on a deeper level. I think that we have to do these things and accept that we’ll need some down time afterwards. So seek out spaces where you can engage in meaningful conversations and forge authentic relationships, such as business circles, mastermind groups or online communities.

I run a monthly in person women’s business circle in Hove, if you’re local and interested, please get in touch. I also host a monthly network meeting in a pub, yes I know I’m an introvert, I’m not saying it comes naturally to me. These events are held in various places go to  https://pubnetworking.co.uk/ to find out if there’s one near you.

Email marketing

Ah, the humble email – a self-employed introvert’s best friend! Email marketing allows us to communicate directly with our audience in a more personal and intentional way. Take the time to craft thoughtful and authentic messages that speak to the needs and interests of your subscribers. Create useful lead magnets that really help your audience in the form of a PDF, quiz, webinar, video or audio. They have to resonate with your audience for them to exchange their email for the information that you’re offering. People know that they’re giving you permission to email them and they can see right through any lack of authenticity so don’t be afraid to show your personality and your expertise. Show up in a regular newsletter.

Social media

You can actually give yourself permission to not use social media for your marketing, there are enough alternatives out there. If you get fomo though, then watch your energy around your marketing activities on social media platforms. Pushing yourself to constantly post and consume will eventually create overwhelm and you’ll need to take some time out. There are ways to leverage social media in a way that feels authentic and aligned with our values. Choose one platform that resonates with you and focus on quality over quantity. Honing in on one key platform enables you to go deeper and engage meaningfully with your audience. Use messaging more rather than feeling the pressure to post all the time. Choose connections that will add insight, value and inspiration to your community and get to know your audience, what their needs and desires are and how you can help them. Give yourself a time limit each day or interact with a set number of posts/people every day, or every other day. Set yourself up to succeed, so get to know your social media sweet spot.

Other self-employed introvert friendly marketing activities

  • Keep your website up to date and check your SEO
  • Online advertising
  • Google my Business
  • Testimonials
  • Speaking gigs (eek)
  • Collaborations
  • Workshops and events

Embrace your strengths

Perhaps the most important piece of advice I can offer my fellow introverts is this: embrace your strengths. We may not be the loudest voices in the room, but we have a unique ability to listen deeply, think critically, and empathise with others. These qualities are invaluable in the world of self-employment, where authenticity and connection reign supreme.

embrace your introvertSo, the next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the loud and flashy world of entrepreneurship, remember this: being an introvert is not a weakness, it’s a superpower. Embrace who you are, lean into your strengths, and watch as you navigate the world of self-employment with confidence and grace.

Here’s to quiet courage, meaningful connections, and the beautiful journey of self-discovery.

Stay authentic and keep shining bright!

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