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About The Flo Coach


Having been self-employed for 20 years, I totally understand the challenges self-employment brings, with all its ups and downs, feasts and famines. Feeling overwhelmed has been a massive factor and stifled my business growth. I've learnt to manage this overwhelm and other mindset saboteurs and now I've made it my mission to help others who are self-employed do the same. So I like to think that you are in safe hands when you sign up for The Flo ClubBeyond the Crossroads Online Coaching Circle for WomenFlo Coach Your Work Course or One to One Coaching with me. 

Claire Paul empowering women

You're in safe hands

Many years of training, studying brain science research, teaching, experiencing and immersing myself in wellbeing practices has contributed to planning, writing and developing The Flo Club, my courses, coaching circles and 1 to 1 offerings. I am a coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, workshop leader, body therapist, creativity explorer and positive psychology advocate. I am also a solo parent to my teenage daughter... juggling being self-employed with parenting has been a challenge!

I have also worked as a Wellbeing Consultant for businesses including Hewlett Packard, Kappa Packaging and Age UK.

My Purpose

In the past I struggled with finding my purpose and meaning in my work. I've always strived to choose work that feels more of a calling, rather than just a job but that search has not been an easy road. Anything less than that made it tricky for me to feel happy and fulfilled. I've had to:

  • Step outside my comfort zone when I didn't want to.
  • Reimagine my idea of what it would take to make me happy at work.
  • Change my blueprints for my working life.
  • And learn how to maintain a positive mindset along the way, even though I felt overwhelmed and self sabotaged over and over.

All these challenges have led me to create The Flo Club, my online course Flo Coach Your Work, Online Coaching Circle Beyond the Crossroads and my 1 to 1 offerings. I believe that going through these experiences has moulded my business into the offering it is today.

Doing this work is meaningful and fulfilling to me; it is work with purpose, it is my unique contribution to the world.

The flow State

Experiencing the flow state makes me feel so good and nourishes my mind. Research has shown that experiencing the flow state can increase feelings of happiness, along with amazing outcomes for your projects.

The Flo Club trainings and rest breaks can support and facilitate your deep work during your working day.

Flow: The sweet spot of deep work.

Flow State

My mission is to help you navigate your working life and manage feelings of overwhelm and create a working day that you want to get up for. I am passionate about helping you experience more flow and elevating your happiness in your work and of course that will spread out into other areas of your life too. We spend over half of our adult lives at work so let's make it a priority.

dive in

It's Easy to Dive In

  • Dive into The Flo Club and discover how you can facilitate more flow at work.
  • Register your interest for the coaching circle: Beyond the Crossroads.
  • Book an insight call and walk with me on your next work adventure.

Receive the support you desire to shift out of your comfort zones so that you can lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Create a happier you at work and a happier workplace that takes your business to another level.


You are self-employed or own a small business and you want to invest in a gym for your mind. You want one to one support to help tame your mindset saboteurs that stifle your business. You want personal and business growth.

Perhaps you:

  • Are struggling with feelings of overwhelm and you want support to manage this.
  • Want to feel that a wellbeing and mindset expert has got your back
  • Want a place to go for an encouraging voice telling you, you're ok, you've got this, keep going.
  • Desire growth for your mind and your business.
  • Want to be coached and learn how to coach yourself.
  • Want ongoing support and to take control of the structure of your day.
  • Would like to be part of something real and lasting that will make a difference in your work and life, whilst you put the effort in and take responsibility.
  • Want to silence sabotaging voices and create new habit pathways in your brain, to take you where you dare to desire.

Become part of The Flo Coach community and be ready to make some mindset changes and take actionable steps and be ready to take 100% responsibility of your goals and the direction of your working life.

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See you in there!