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New wellbeing service set to boost the mental health of self-employed.

26th January 2022 - Brighton and Hove

Claire Paul aka The Flo CoachNew wellbeing service 'The Flo Club' has been launched by coach and solo parent Claire Paul, aka The Flo Coach. It's set to support the specific wellbeing needs for people who are self-employed or own a small business.

After 20 years of self-employment and struggling with her own mental health, mum of one Claire the founder of The Flo Coach couldn't sit by and watch other self-employed people suffer with the challenging parts of working for yourself.

Around 4.3 million people are self-employed workers in the UK. Reports from various sources have stated that since covid, stress, anxiety or poor mental health had a negative impact on ability to work for self-employed workers. One report that surveyed 800 small business owners in the UK found 82% reported poor mental health in the last 12 months.

Utilizing her skills, knowledge and experience as a coach, yoga and meditation teacher and body therapist, Claire created The Flo Club specifically to support people who are self-employed or own a small business.

Claire points out, 'there is a growing need for targeted services for self-employed people. There seems to be many solo workers who feel disconnected, isolated and unsupported. I know from experience the impact of working at home on my own for long periods of time. The feelings of loneliness, motivation issues, the emotional resilience needed to overrule sabotaging demons, procrastination, the need to be a perfectionist - it's all in the mix; it's not an easy option choosing to be self-employed'.

In one survey 68% said they didn't feel they had adequate support for their mental health within the context of work. The Flo Club aims to contribute positively to fill this need and people actually want it too; When people were asked what they would find useful to improve their mental health, the most popular answers were:

  1. Coaching and mentoring.
  2. Connecting with others in similar situation.
  3. Co-working opportunities.

The Flo Coach mission is to help people create a working day they want to get up for. Services include coaching programmes for people who are employed and emotional and mental wellbeing support for self-employed people. Learn more at www.theflocoach.com            


Contact: Claire Paul, claire@theflocoach.com 07985433970     

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