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The Flo Club - What's it all about?

You're in the right place if you're self employed or own or are part of a small business AND you want to boost your mental and emotional wellbeing plus manage overwhelm and mindset saboteurs that restrict your business growth and day to day activities.

The Flo Club is a membership club specifically designed for you. Think of it as your dedicated wellbeing service and mind gym. You no longer have to watch your friends or family receive the benefits of their corporate wellbeing perks, you can join The Flo Club and get your own perks.

Is it right for you?

Do you want to add some wellbeing practices into your working day and need some structure, support and mindset mentoring to do that?


Do the following challenges resonate? 

  • You feel overwhelmed with your work
  • You struggle to structure your day
  • You resist pushing through your mental blocks
  • You allow your mind saboteurs to stay in control
  • Facing the working day can get you down
  • You struggle to set yourself regular goals
  • You struggle to take positive action
  • You feel lonely sometimes working for yourself
  • Your limiting beliefs block your growth
  • You're just doing the bare minimum to get by
  • You're keeping yourself small
  • You feel that you're not good enough
  • You procrastinate
  • You're stressed out and you're struggling to cope
  • You feel a lack of balance in your life
  • Your perfectionism is stifling your business

These statements are 'you' orientated but this doesn't define you and it's not your fault if you feel any of them relate to you. The subconscious part of our brain is programmed to keep us safe even if it means we sabotage our business growth and daily work activities. Our inner saboteurs such as the inner critic or procrastinator can be in control around 95% of our day!

Training your brain to override your subconscious is possible. Changing your limiting beliefs to empowering ones can be done but you need to first acknowledge that something has to change, make a conscious decision that you've had enough of holding yourself back and take action to make the positive changes for yourself.

Do you want to feel better?


How can joining The Flo Club help?

  • Learn to tame your sabotaging thoughts
  • Manage feelings of overwhelm and stress
  • Recognise and change limiting beliefs
  • Discover how to reach flow in your work
  • Add structure to your day
  • Increase your creativity and productivity
  • Feel more positive and confident
  • Learn to coach yourself and make goals
  • Feel supported through your working day
  • Transition easily from work to rest/play
  • Feel less stressed
  • Increase emotional resilience
  • Train your mind to be less reactive and more relaxed
  • Explore what makes you happy in work
  • Feel like you have someone with you during your day


Your membership will include:

  • Five areas of support; MOVE, FLOW, BREATHE, REST, LEARN
  • Practices and teachings based in positive psychology and research
  • Meditation training audios
  • Relaxation training audios
  • Breath awareness teachings and audios
  • Audio trainings are short for you to add into your working day
  • Yoga videos to fit around your working day, including desk yoga
  • Longer rest audios to destress and relax
  • Coaching trainings
  • Teaching on how to reach the flow state more often
  • Mindset trainings and happiness at work
  • Downloadable pdf worksheets for you to get into the nitty gritty
  • Structured programmes to kick start your wellbeing and keep you going
  • Transition practices to take you from work to rest/play
  • Updated training
  • New trainings every month, there will always be something new to learn and experience
  • Opportunities to request a certain training for your specific growth
  • Support with your time management
  • Discounted 1 to 1 Self-Employed Mindset Coaching.
  • Access to a supportive online community of self-employed workers and The Flo Coach on Slack.

See, think and feel that The Flo Club is your 'go to' place for wellbeing coaching and support. Through the trainings, audios and videos, Claire aka The Flo Coach keeps you company through your working day, whispers positivity in your ear, gives you structure to your day, keeps a check of your mental wellbeing and helps you grow and work towards your goals.

If you're still not sure if it's a YES or NO, then you can check it all out for free for 30 days, before you continue to be a fully fledged Flo Clubber! So if you decide it's not for you, no hard feelings, you can cancel and go on your merry way without The Flo Club in your working life. But if it's a YES, then hurray, you'll be part of an exclusive community of self employed people who want to upgrade their working day to encompass more focus, motivation, creativity and tap into their strengths, work towards their goals, be more able to manage their stress, change their limiting beliefs into empowering ones and yes, feel happier in their work...

...because simply put, don't we all want to feel good, to feel better, more of the time?

If that's you, let your Flo journey begin, try it out for free, join The Flo Club!