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Ride The Working Waves

employee coaching and training

Group Employee Coaching and Training

Participants will:

Discover what makes them feel happier at work and what work is meaningful to them.

Make powerful goals and take action.

Learn how to practice getting ‘in the zone’ research suggests that experiencing being in the flow state can increase wellbeing.

Explore their reactions to external stresses and learn to let go of situations that they can't control.

Incorporate happiness practices into their working day to lift mood, help build a positive mindset and resilience.

Practice how to embrace the present moment in order to feel less stress and more chill.

Connect more with colleagues with shared experiences.

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Do you want your employees to thrive at work?

Do you want to know what really makes your employees happy at work and how to get more of it?

Do you want to help your employees feel more connected to each other and their work?

Do you want a more engaged, creative and productive workforce?

If it's a yes, then

Ride The Working Waves!

What is it?

Riding The Working Waves is my 6 or 12 week online employee coaching and training programme for groups or teams at work and is based around live workshops and personal take away activities. It is designed to help people feel more connected to their colleagues AND to themselves, whether they’re working remotely or actually in the workplace.  

Each week or fortnight your group will engage in an online workshop teaching and coaching different aspects of how to feel more connected, how to increase feelings of happiness and wellbeing at work, how to increase a positive mindset and how to make powerful goals. The practices are based in happiness research and positive psychology.

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What's Included?

  • 6 online Workshops delivered to you and your employees over 6 or 12 weeks. Either one workshop every week or one every two weeks (via zoom or Google meet). Workshop length between 30-60 mins.
  • Resources emailed out to the workplace to distribute to participants.
  • Option for a private Facebook group for participants to connect, share and chat privately. (your workplace may want to use an in house system for this)
  • Access to email Claire at The Flo Coach to ask questions, advice or for further information.
  • Practical happiness tools to take away and use in all areas of life.
  • Half price discount for optional 1 to 1 coaching with Claire for each individual on the programme.

Programme Workshops

Workshop One - The importance of the 6 pillars of happiness at work. Using the Wheel of Happiness at work as an assessment tool to help individuals explore what makes them happier and how to work positively towards bridging any gaps.

Workshop Two - Find out what daily and weekly practices boost feelings of happiness, introduce a morning/evening ritual that works for each individual. Explore issues around mindset and motivation, such as why do we self sabotage when we know something is good for us?

Workshop Three - Learn how to work with more flow, what is flow? How do we experience it more often? What activities do we already do at work which initiate flow? Create an individual flow routine.

Workshop Four - Are we all control freaks in our own way? Do we feel bullied by others who like to feel they control us? Learn a simple technique to let go of the things we can’t control and take charge of the things we can.

Workshop Five - A practical session including mindful meditation and breath awareness and how breathing better can calm our nervous system and switch off our stress response. 

Workshop Six - Goal setting using the WOOP method, a proven method that includes how to overcome our old friend sabotage and help create new, more helpful pathways in our brains.

Employee Coaching and Training

Planning Your Investment

Please enquire to discuss your budget.