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mindset at work
  • Feeling fed-up at work?
  • External work issues getting you down?
  • Internal mindset at work issues tripping you up?
  • Feeling like you're stuck on an endless hamster wheel?
  • It doesn't have to  be this way.
  • You can decide to do things differently.
  • You can decide to take action.
  • Your suffering doesn't have to feel endless.
happy at work

Mindset at Work - Created with You in Mind

Flow Coach Your Work has been created with you in mind. This course will help you get out of a rut at work. It is designed to kick start you into making the changes in your working life that you've been dreaming of for so long.

Do you want to thrive in your work and your whole life? 

Do you want to know what really makes you happy in your work and how to get more of it?

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, there is no magic pill being offered here....sorry.

→ You'll need to take 100% responsibility for your action, progress and results.

You'll need to be ready and willing to do the work necessary to expand your working world and create a more fulfilled and vibrant working life.

Flo Coach Your Work Course gives you the tools, structure and motivational prompts to make the changes in your life that you desire.

This course is NOT for you though if you are:

Looking for a quick fix; this takes time, work and effort.

Quick to blame others or play the victim.

Wanting to leave your current job and need career guidance.

Flow Coach Your Work is about your transformation and transformation is a decision that has to come from within you. It's up to you to decide if you're willing to accept your working life as it is or if you want to shake it up!

Flo Coach Your Work aims to help you to:

• Shake up your working life.

 Be more able to push past creative blocks.

• Create more flow experiences.

 Add more meaning to your work.

 Feel more able to unmask and connect to your authentic self.

• Connect more to your daily work.

 Learn to deal with stressors in a positive way.

• Tame your negative brain chatter.

• Connect more to colleagues and customers.

 Be more inspired and motivated.

• Reign in sabotaging beliefs or thoughts.

 Discover your signature strengths.

• Stop accepting a mediocre working life.

 Feel able to bring your whole self to work.

 Take daily action to change your life and mindset at work.

The Course is hosted in Cademy and includes:

  • 10 online sections.
  • 30 lessons including quizzes, videos, audios, pdfs and journaling tasks.
  • Access to the online content whenever you want.
  • Daily and weekly happiness practices sheet which includes easy to implement ideas to cultivate a mindset of happiness, purpose and connection.
  • goals working document to write your amazing short and long term goals.
take action

The practices in this programme are based in happiness research and positive psychology. Work through the modules, journal your way through the activities and consistently add the practices into your daily routine.

Programme Sections

Course intro and Mindset Practices

Signature Strengths

Happiness at Work

What are your Blueprints for Work

Moments of Flow at Work

Seeing Challenges as Tools for Growth

Cultivating Creativity

Making Work a Calling

Goal planning

Where next and PDFs