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1 to 1 Self-Employed Mindset Coaching

If you're a member of The Flo Club already, then please mention this when booking your initial call to get your 20% discount on 1 to 1 coaching.


Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling with too little for too long or too much too fast? Sometimes you just want to hide and hope it all goes away, I know the feeling!


Are you battling negative self-talk, your inner critic keeps whispering or shouting in your ear? Your sabotaging shadowy characters keep showing up when you're trying to work. I hear you!

Being self-employed isn't an easy road, I know, I've been on it for 20 years. Cultivating a mindset that enables us to work successfully and thrive in our business can be quite the battle ground mentally.

1 to 1 self-employed mindset coaching

When you've had enough of these sabotaging shadows and want to manage your feelings of overwhelm - what action will you take?

It's exhausting trying to do it on your own but you don't have to. Working with a coach is a proactive and positive approach to training and managing your mindset.

I would love to support you and give you strategies and tools to manage your mindset, including struggling with overwhelm through my Self-Employed Mindset Coaching.

Read a little of my story here: Self-Employed Meltdowns.

My one to one coaching offering includes three coaching sessions - two within one month and the third a month later follow-up. After which I encourage you to join The Flo Club to keep your mindset in check each day/week/month. This is where we can keep in touch and you'll have me on hand for when you need a boost.

When you're ready to stop battling with your mind and you want to create a working day that feels better than before, please reach out to me. We can have an initial chat to find out if we are happy to work together and go from there, no strings.


  • if you want to get to the bottom of what is causing your feelings of overwhelm.
  • You want to have strategies in place to quiet your saboteurs.
  • You want to know what you want and realise the obstacles that might trip you up along your self-employed journey.
  • You want to know why things just aren't happening for you and you feel stuck.
  • You want to have a wellbeing tool bag to reach into anytime you need it

.......then I'm your gal!

the flo coach

I'm happy for you to contact me on social @theflocoach or email me claire@theflocoach.com to set up an initial chat at no cost. No more struggling in silence or thinking you have to put up with this if you're self-employed. I can help and I want to help, so please get in touch.

Claire x