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SHE means business!

In the SHE means business club you can banish isolation and be part of a community of business women cheerleading each other.

We don't have to be all things and wear all the hats in our business all the time. With SHE means business, you can find support from other members and from our panel of experts.

SHE means business is a club for women who are self-employed or aspiring to be.

When you're self-employed there is a lot to navigate, to say the least! Whether you're already on your self-employed journey or are just starting out, it's essential that you have a support network to accompany you. We all need some cheerleading, guidance, people to bounce ideas off of and connection with like minded women.

SHE means business has been born out of my own challenges navigating self-employment for over 20 years. With all my experiences and as a coach and mentor, I am passionate about helping other women on their working journey.

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SHE means business has three memberships. Meet ups and VIP are local to Brighton and Hove. Global is open to any women anywhere in the world.

The core aims of SHE means business:

  1. Build a community of business women who lift each other up
  2. Empower women to move forward in their business
  3. Create a supportive environment around accountability
  4. Expand connections and be open to collaborations
  5. Develop an authentic, open and confidential space to share ideas, brainstorm and support each other
  6. Mentor and support through business training, Q&As and workshops
  7. Networking and flowing together
  8. Challenge those comfort zones and be open and curious to try new things


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Monthly Online Meeting

  • Zoom meet up once a month
  • Q&As, training & workshops
  • Topics will include, marketing, social media, sales, website, SEO etc. plus mindset, self-development, aligned goal setting.
  • Networking 
  • Guest speakers
  • Opportunities to share your expertise

Weekly Flo Power Hour

  • Zoom power hour
  • Thursdays 4-5pm
  • Set your intention to yourself or in the group chat and then get down to business
  • An hour of focused attention whilst body doubling near the end of the week
  • Being seen and witnessing others working will boost your motivation to plough through your tasks set
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Monthly Flo Day

Like the Flo power hour but for a whole day.

  • Dip in and out when you want to
  • Work alongside other women
  • Keep yourself accountable
  • Start the day with a short wellbeing practice and work through the day with group breaks
  • Option for lunchtime break out room networking.
  • Closing with wins of the day
  • 10am-4.30pm

Research has shown that body doubling which is the practice of working in the presence of others can anchor attention and make it easier to focus on tasks. Also setting intentions in the presence of others makes it more likely that you will achieve them.

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Access to The Flo Club

A one stop wellbeing space with 40+ trainings in 5 areas:

  • Breathe - breath audios to help you reset, relax & de-stress.
  • Flow - Find your daily flow & set up your flow routine.
  • Learn - Motivating lessons to help you navigate self-employment.
  • Move - Yoga videos for morning, for breaks and for winding down.
  • Rest - Relaxation audios to chill you out.

Discount on The Flo Coach services

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Ditch the isolation of working on your own and the overwhelm that it can cause. Move past your mind blocks and tame your squirrel mind. Get yourself unstuck and onto the trajectory of thriving. Feel connected, empowered and more confident in your direction and how to get there.

You are not alone

SHE means business Meet Ups

  • Monthly In person Meetup in your Home Circle
  • Private Home Circle WhatsApp Group
  • August meetup is an online networking event with other circles
  • Discount for Beyond the Crossroads Coaching Circle
  • Discount for 1 to 1 coaching

Monthly Membership £15.50

SHE means business Global

  • Monthly Online Workshop/Training/Q&A
  • Weekly Flo Power Hour
  • Monthly Flo Day
  • Online Community
  • Access to The Flo Club
  • Pop Up Challenges
  • Discount for Beyond the Crossroads Coaching Circle
  • Discount on 1 to 1 coaching
  • The first 10 women who join get the Founders membership at £25.50 a month

Monthly Membership £35.50

SHE means business VIP

  • Everything in SHE means business Meet Ups


  • Monthly Online Workshop/Training/Q&A
  • Weekly Flo Power Hour
  • Monthly Flo Day
  • Online Community
  • Access to The Flo Club
  • Pop Up Challenges

Monthly Membership £45.50