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The Flo Club Programmes have been created to give you more structure to include wellbeing practices during your working day.

Sometimes we need and want someone to guide us (or tell us what to do!). Life is full of decision after decision and the pressure of responsibility when you're self-employed or own a small business can be overwhelming.

Following these programmes will help you structure your day and motivate you to dive into the practices that you know are going to be good for you but those pesky self saboteurs keep getting in the way.

To support you, read below about forming new habits, these tips will help you commit to the regular practice in each programme.

Forming new habits

The habits that are part of our every day life, like cleaning our teeth, driving, making a cupforming new habits of tea etc. are well trodden pathways in our brain that have become automatic. This enables us to do essential tasks through our day without thinking about it. These unconscious habits free up resources for our brains to carry out other more complex tasks like solving problems and making decisions.

We all have habits that we can do without, ahem, you know the ones I'm on about or maybe you want to adopt new healthier habits. Either way, there needs to be a change at the brain level, to make new pathways. Research has shown that 40% of what we do is determined by habits not conscious decisions, so how do we overcome habits we don't desire and build new ones that we do?

Just as a habit is formed from repeated actions or behaviours over time, so to a new habit can be formed with a repeated decision over time.

Let's break that down:

  • A habit is a decision repeated over time.
  • Forming a new habit starts with a thought, then the emotion intensifies that thought, that informs action and finally belief.

Generally, people say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. This is sort of true. At 21 days an old habit you're not wanting and a new habit you desire, (if you're practicing the new habit daily) the two brain pathways are about the same. So you can still choose either path, you can go either way and this is when it can feel really hard to keep going with the new habit.

Neuroscience has found that it takes around 60 days when an old habit is shut down and a new habit becomes automatic, you get to that autopilot stage in your brain.

I know, it's a long time and can feel overwhelming but here are some tips to success.

Tips to Success

  • The key is to decide every single day to do the new habit, narrow your focus one day at a time.
  • Schedule the new habit into your daily diary, wake up every day and be the creator of your thoughts.
  • Ask yourself 'can I do this (new habit) TODAY?' and don't worry about tomorrow.
  • You can choose whether it's 'hard' or 'easy', you have the choice how to feel.
  • Mark xxxxxx off on a calender if it helps.
  • Set your intentions for your day.
  • Don't think 'I have to do this forever' just think 'I'm going to do this today'. One day at a time.
  • And remember, your brain wants to do its best for you, it's not against you.

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